Fall for me

With that, I welcome fall, a fresh season, an opportunity to be better.

This is a call

Believe me, I was first to ask if he was seriously going to wear leather sandals.

Monkey Wrench

I’m taking the liberty of sharing these on my blog on a routine basis as I strongly believe that they deserve more exposure than it’s given.

white x yellow

I’m a minimalist by nature so I prefer to be able to wear one piece of clothing in various ensembles.

Point of Retreat

Reading the book based on Will’s perspective was interesting and it was mirrored to less stereotypical perception of how men are. Will has moments where in he remains poised but is actually on the verge of freaking out.

Playing dress-up.

I’m pretty psyched about this because I dared Joseff to let me choose his ootd for a day!

Flared laces

Clothes: Something Borrowed/ Stradivarius Shoes: Steve Madden Photography by: Joseff Musa Lace over lace wasn’t my idea and to be frank , I didn’t initially agree with it.…


Society has established a flawed system that aims to shame and isolate those who go against it.

Over it all

Looking for overalls is a challenge when dungarees don’t compliment you


Solenn and Georgina casually discusses the changes occurring in the current status quo.