Hello there! Before anything else, let me wish you a happy chinese new year! I just love how I get to celebrate new year twice. Amidst the festivities, I was busy trying to get my blog a theme upgrade and migrate it to a new host but since that’s all taking more time time than expected, I’m sticking to my current platform until that’s completed.

Call it winter

I’m officially old as I became one of the Godmothers of my former colleague’s adorable baby Chloe.


As mentioned before, I intend on writing about Joseff’s fashion sense and since these set were mine for the blogging, I find it fitting that it become my second blog post for 2017.

Hello Miss Bright Side!

2016 was indeed a year for the books and the year I established this personal blog so I can’t believe it’s gonna turn 1 year old soon. Here’s to an even more remarkable 2017 ahead!

This is personal.

This post is personal because I’d like to encourage whoever is reading to not subscribe to the dominant body image narrative that extra small and small are the appropriate sizes to go.

Toning down my new found love

The combined colors of pastel pink , custard brown and dirty grey made me skeptical but anything woolen is a big yes these days as Macau is finally hit by the much expected cold.

Step Up

Lately, I’ve been crushing on all things pastel pink.

Autumnal Equinox

You’ll notice from the pictures that autumn has finally landed in Macau.

Maybe Someday

Hello there! I’ve finally gotten around a book post. This is another book series I’ve fallen in love with.

Be warned, this review will include spoilers.

Lay it on me.

This is my kind of layering. I like it because it feels more comfortable. Opted in for a top instead of a flowy dress because alternatively, one can wear them with shorts and jeans.

Learn to fly.

Backlogs are my friend, so you might be familiar with the setting here from my previous post.

Paint the town red

I realize that I own too many basic shirts that I don’t bother wearing since I feel like a “Plain Jane” when I do.

Lord’s Stow Garden Cafe

If you’ve visited Macau before, you must have heard about the bakery that sells amazing “Potarts” more popularly known as Portuguese egg tarts.