On the good side of karma

Even in the blazing heat, I must say , a light layer is one thing I like to bring along with me. Plus I feel too plain without one.

Perfection is a myth

Sharing with you pictures of Taipei 101 ,a financial center and one of the few skyscrapers in Taipei.

Walk before you run

Let’s just say, I’ve been granted more time to wear this jacket this year as the cold decides to extends its stay,

One last time

With April approaching, it’s time to bid farewell to winter and to welcome spring!

Have it all

Another look from this amazing creature,*with permission* of course. Having said that ,I’ve been thinking a lot about intellectual property rights and how it’s so easy to steal credit online

Neutrality Matters

I guess I still have to grasp that chill and laid back effect that my boyfriend naturally has when he gets photos taken.