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Past-el Calling

This week, I’ve decided to have back-to-back posts since I’m going on a trip this weekend and more likely than not, this will also give me limited access to a workable platform to blog.

Casa de Rocha

I must admit, I’m not the best with directions, so if you do end up getting to the place,  all credits go to you.

Beyond limits

My style is becoming more vibrant as I noticed how I’ve taken a liking to the all things white. As a minimalist, I’ve been trying to restyle what I already have on my closet to avoid hoarding, well let’s not forget my limitation of storage space.

Cafe Ocean Corner

Looked for a new cafe to go to that wasn’t in a hotel or where we typical went to.

Maybe Not

I’m quite happy that I no longer feel camera shy when I take blog photos. I can stare at my boyfriend’s lense with a new found confidence that I slowly gained over the past year of taking shots.

On equal grounds

Well you know what they say,”Rome wasn’t built in a day”, a form of progress is always a good thing.

In it to win it

Amidst all that life demands , I still aim to thrive because life has so much to offer. Having said that I’ll be starting another life aspiration ; Business School. Wish me luck.

you have to feel good

It’s not everyday that you get to spend time in a peaceful neighborhood when you’re in Macau ;where almost all places are packed with locals , tourists or both.

On the good side of karma

Even in the blazing heat, I must say , a light layer is one thing I like to bring along with me. Plus I feel too plain without one.