I got this black flat cap in a thrift store at Dongdaemun, Korea in 2011, but it hasn’t worn out up til now and if I remember correctly, it was also an inexpensive find.

Layers , layers , and shades

Kung Hei Fat Choi! I’m back in Macao and I feel like Winter’s gone too soon. But of course, I must share what I did to cover up when you’re experiencing chill weather.

My best friend’s wedding

There’s that sense of fulfillment you achieve when you witness your childhood friend walk the aisle and I’m honored to have been able to join her wonderful day. It was truly an amazing day. 

Work Chic

When in doubt, choose the color you’re most at ease with.

snakes & ladders

The trend we’ve noticed this winter is round hats and knee-high boots. The ladder included is just for props. We did steal this momentarily from the maintenance happening at the location we were at. I swear it only took us 5 minutes and the workers didn’t even notice it was moved 10 meters away from them.


Hope you’re having a great 1st week of the year! Here’s what is in store for my blog if you’re a regular reader. I’ve decided to have a more consistent schedule, style-related posts will be up regularly every Friday or Monday.

A clean slate

The past weeks have been a mountain of tasks I had to finish before the year ends but one thing I’ve been quite elated about is that this blog, all things passion got featured on Hoje Macau, a Portuguese daily newspaper. You can read the details on their official site.  Thanks to my mom, I also have print versions on hand.

Grayed out

‘The universe is behind you’ is my on-repeat mantra these days and that has made me extra giddy.

Go Green!

After typhoon Hato, I’ve been trying to be more environmentally cautious about my day-to-day activities.  To my surprise, it can be effortless if you turn it into a habit.