Hello there! I’ve finally gotten around a book post. This is another book series I’ve fallen in love with.

Be warned, this review will include spoilers.

Reading the book based on Will’s perspective was interesting and it was mirrored to less stereotypical perception of how men are. Will has moments where in he remains poised but is actually on the verge of freaking out.

This was a book I initially had difficulty reading, for me, the story gets interesting only after the first few chapters when Cosmo, Lucy’s life is in the picture; his character notably has a great sense of humor.

I’m convinced that hell has an intercom system and
the buzz of my alarm clock is played at full volume on repeat
against the screams of all the lost souls.

You should realize by now that this isn’t related to CWTV’s hit series “The 100” and unlike my former book posts ,this one has no story line.

Ever read about a caste system & rebels combined with a fairy tale buildup? If you’re baffled with how this is a page turner, continue reading.