Happy Humpday! Hope the long weekend has pumped you up for a shorter work week! The heat makes me value, or I should really say appreciate lightweight clothing. Since I rarely find tops that are loose enough like this.

At the beginning of 2018, I told myself to quit purchasing books unless I’ve read everything on my shelf. To no avail did I manage to fulfill this personal goal. My monthly entry will contain book titles and where to purchase them followed by a quick overview which is a summary I write. The number of books in every post will vary according to how I can successfully write an overview for each. 

I have been caught up with work and school deadlines in the past month so my original routine plan to blog on Mondays or Fridays have been on hold, but I’m going to make it a habit to blog in advance. If you have tips on how not to break a blog routine, please feel free to comment down below. Having said that, I have back-to-back posts to make up for it. 

Too layered for a concert? We watched Imagine Dragons live in HK and this was as warm as I could dress since the temp dropped that day was making us sick already.