It’s that time of year as we approach the end of 2018 where we list our resolutions and celebrate NYE with a promise to ourselves to be and do better. Here are things that I’ve learned and want to share to my younger self and you since you’re on this page reading:

  1. Read when you’re bored. I don’t think people realize how enlightening a book can be. I know traveling does that for many but if you suddenly find yourself having a lot of free time. Indulge yourself in a book or two. It doesn’t even have to cost you anything if your city has a public library.
  2. Limit your credit card spending when you’re overseas because this depends on your bank really, but most banks charge you a more costly forex rate compared to if you were to use cash to settle payments on the go plus interest if you don’t pay for it immediately. Cash basis payments also work as a limit to your spending.
  3. Some things are worth a splurge/ paying for. At the top of my head, this applies to shoes, device screen protectors, and travel insurance. If the risk is higher than the cost, then you should definitely say yes!
  4. Never pay for shipping if the online platform does Black Friday Sale, holiday sale. or have coupons you can use on a routine basis. Every cent counts.
  5. Diversify –Your current job shouldn’t be your only source of income. Even small ways to earn extra income can help you save money. It can be a time deposit, cash investment with a monthly dividend, or an asset you can rent out later on.
  6. Exercise according to your needs and wants, it can be running, hiking, doing yoga, playing a sport, biking, the list really goes on. Whatever works for you.
  7. Don’t be guilty of taking breaks. The competition of who’s more tired or up-to-date on social media is so passé. Both your physical and mental being will benefit more from this. Sleep, go off the grid , just make sure you’re not living life burnt out.

Have a wonderful 2019 ahead of you! <3


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