My favorite holiday to travel is definitely the Golden Week since it’s fall weather and we get to celebrate our anniversary gaining new experiences. I’m sharing my experiences in Tokyo which include tips on what you should get to save both time and money in a way. First things first, we got the 7-day Japan Rail Pass(Ordinary) on this site Since we realized too late that this would be more cost efficient after settling our planned itinerary that involved Osaka, Tokyo, and Kyoto. I got it in 4 business days which is something I strongly recommend doing if you’re facing time constraints.

Order as advance as possible since the exchange orders you receive is valid for 90 days. You can then bring this exchange order to receive your JR Pass in their designated offices in Japan. To use it is simple as well, you enter through the gate where the train attendant can verify your pass and that will take you only a couple of seconds.  I know that there are other e-platforms such as kkday or Klook where you can get them at better prices but they deliver using snail mail or require a longer lead time. 

Another thing you should get is a sim card with data/ 3G/ 4G access. If you can pre-order this, then both sites also offer them. Since we arrived past midnight, we opted to get our sim cards locally. The store we managed to get it is Bic Camera at around  JPY 2,900 (including taxes).  This way you can rely on is the application, Maps for navigations. ( If you’re an Android user, then rely on Google Maps.)  I’ll be blogging in the coming weeks about my Japan trip cause we took loads of photos and plan on sharing them in a moderate way I hope.  

Now onto places of interest and food places in Tokyo:  

  • Senso-Ji Temple / Asakusa Gyu-katsu 

There’s a street market on the way to the temple and it looks even more magnificent at night time. You should try the custard and red bean puffs available but be careful with eating in the stores as they don’t allow it. Outside the temple near the train stations, you’ll find  Asakusa Gyu-katsu, we waited in line for 20-30 minutes under the rain and it was definitely worth it. While waiting in line you order and then when your table is finally ready. Your food will be served shortly after you’re seated. It’s only a small restaurant but they have two floors. It will cost you around JPY 6,000 for two people as I don’t remember the exact figure since we were paying on a cash basis. 

  • Tokyo Tower

It took us around 15 minutes to take photos and appreciate the tower view. There is a one-piece themed park and an observation deck in the premise as well which we opted out of. We got photos of the tower from the left side. Oh and  the weather was super gloomy so editing helped a lot. 

  • shibuya crossing

Anyone visiting Tokyo already knows about the busy Shibuya Crossing ; from street food galore to shopping til you drop or just appreciating the neon signs that makes you feel even more alive. There are a lot of  locals and tourists roaming in this area so you could see the vibrant culture surrounding it. 

  • Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum

Edit: This museum is for fashion enthusiasts. The admission fee is JPY 500 for each person. They featured the Brook brothers at the time we visited but from what we read they feature different fashion collections to raise interest and awareness. However, it’s not clear on when they change their exhibits. You can find more details here:

I’ll be writing more briefly about Osaka and Kyoto in the weeks to follow. Til my next post. <3


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