My monthly entry will contain book titles and where to purchase them followed by a quick overview which is a summary I write. The number of books in each post will vary according to how many I am able to read within the period. 

You can shop them on book depository if your local bookstore doesn’t carry them.  You get free shipping and book(s) are delivered right to your mailbox (if size permits), if not,  then you’ll have to go to the closest post office to collect them.

1. Style by Lauren Conrad

I blog about Fashion but I don’t buy a lot of magazines on this subject. Instead, I check out books from Fashion Icons such as Lauren Conrad,  Liz Uy, Christian Dior, and Nina Garcia.  I’ve already written about “The One Hundred” by Nina Garcia before but I’ve retracted that post cause I think it didn’t get the review it deserves. I got it in hard copy so that’s saying something already. The book enthusiast in me knows that some books are worth it.  While this copy isn’t in hardcover, the glossy paper used gave it a magazine feel.  I’ve broken down my favorites according to chapters for your reference.

A Quick Overview: 

  • Chapter 1: Building your wardrobe: From go-to pieces to key pieces, your wardrobe must-have ’em.  Now, this should be tailored according to your taste, and not a copy-paste, unless you’re comfortable with that.  Being a minimalist, I don’t think I need to have them all. 
  • Chapter 3: The Hunt: How to Shop: Talk about shopping regrets as a result of accidental sprees, I can’t even remember how many times, I’ve donated clothing because I bought something out of impulse.  The takeaway: “Don’t buy something just because the price is right.”
  • Chapter 10: Travel: Who knew strategic packing was a thing? Tips on maximizing suitcase space, preflight checklist, and in-flight essentials. There’s also a packing list for a beach vacation, work trip,  city vacation, and weekend getaways. Which reminds me, have you checked out my free minimalist travel essentials?

2. Bared to You by Sylvia Day

A Quick Overview: 

This is an erotic novel and if you’ve read 50 shades of Gray, you’ll get the gist. Definitely NSFW.  The main character is Eva Tramell. She has an overprotective mother, Monica Tramell Stanton and a step-dad, mega financer, Richard Stanton who thinks money can solve all their problems.  But she also has a dad who she adores and is alive and well working as a policeman, Victor Reyes who have refused to let Stanton take care of Eva’s education. 

Just like her father, Eva is determined to make it on her own, she works at Waters Field & Leaman as an assistant to Mark Garrity in New York. She lives with her best friend, Cary Taylor who has his own drama with men and women. Her office is located in the cross building where she crosses paths with Gideon Cross. Gideon offers her an absurd proposal that involves loads of physical interaction which she eventually accepts and turns into a relationship.

From there .they end up attending couple’s therapy with Dr. Petersen to resolve their own deeply rooted issues they had even before knowing each other. Not to forget that Cary takes a defensive approach when Gideon crosses the line in their apartment and he becomes a brick that hits Eva hard and quite literally, Gideon for that matter. Now, that I’ve already revealed enough spoilers. You should pick up the book to discover what predicament Eva got herself in. 



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