BAG: LONGCHAMP sHADES: sunnies POLO: ZARA DRESS: h&m jacket/black boots: BERSHKA


Spent Easters in Beijing with my family and luckily, my sisters *willingly* took my OOTD photos, yes it’s plural since we were on a family trip. The temperatures were higher than expected and I was wearing more layers than I should have especially that day. I resorted to hanging them on my shoulders for the most part of the afternoon.

A side note though is that it did drop to 8 degrees on the day we were leaving to go back to Macao. I’m glad I packed warmers; a good practice when you’re going to a country with in-between-weather. 

Moreover, I’m having difficulties edit photos on this batch since I used a different camera (Sony ILCE-5100L) from what I normally use in daylight. I tried to use VSCO already but still, it turned out better raw. Hence, I’ve posted them unedited. If you have any suggestions on photo editing, I’d appreciate the feedback.  Comment them below!




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