Let me flood you with photos from the 7th Conscious Exclusive collection as this is close to my heart since I’m for sustainable fashion and hopefully, we all are able to minimize practices that may be fashionable but are at the expense of exhausting the earth’s natural resources as we all know that aside from the scarcity of resources, we leave impacts that we and the future generation will have to face.

The collection will be available on April 19 at H&M stores in Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, and Canton Road, TST, Hong Kong. You can also get them online.  The overall theme is inspired by Swedish artists Karin and Carl Larsson’s creative home of 19th and early 20th-century. They also exhibited some of the home’s artwork.  It was fun trying on the clothing, my favorite’s the green floral dress made out of organic silk.

  There was also jewelry made out of recycled silver showcased. Such a shame they can’t sell them in Macao and HK due to legal reasons. More to this, there was a DIY  bath salts corner held by the company,  Zesty Lemon Group, easier than I’d imagine creating your own jar of bath salts. The gist is you add ingredients as for how you’d brew tea, no measuring cups or spoons, just trusting your basic instincts.

For those who want to reduce your impact and contribute, H&M has a Garment Collecting Initiative.

From now to 22 April, customers will receive double vouchers (10% discount on one item on their next purchase) when they give their unwanted garments, in any brand, any condition to any H&M stores.

Disclaimer: Some of the photos included in this entry are courtesy of H&M. All rights are reserved in favour of their respective owners.


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