Over the weekend I was able to join a novice tournament held by UM EDT/UM EDS. Here are the full motion list and results. Strictly joining are debate newbies with the exception of the swing team, if any.

Adjudication Core: Co-CA: Elise Cheong, Alex Fong
DCA: Cat Lai, Erica Liu, and Lingling Peng

Motion List

Round 1: THW require estate developers to guarantee a proportion of houses to be used for public in affluent areas.

Round 2: THBT the LGBT movement should denounce LGBT people who engage in hook-up

Round 3: THW abolish term limits for elected public offices.

Round 4: THBT it is in the central government’s interests if pro-self-determination politicians are allowed to run for membership of the Legislative council in HongKong

Round 5 : THW require news organizations when reporting on political or social issues, to report only objective facts without subjective opinions and interpretations.

Quarters: THW allow victims of crimes to choose to have the offenders to provide labour services out of prison at the victims’ choice in exchange for a substantially shorter prison term. 

Semi-Finals:  TH, as the feminist movement, supports the rise of xiao xian rou in popular culture.

Grand Finals: THR the narrative that everyone should step out of their comfort zone.


Grand Finalists: Luya Enna(Peking University and Fudan University)
Baby got back (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Freestyle ( University of Macau and The University of Hong Kong)



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