We checked out Starbucks Reserve at MGM Cotai, the first of its kind in Macao. Such a shame that I forgot to snap a photo of the recent additions to the menu but I do remember a couple of new drinks available; Dark Chocolate Mocha which sold out that day and Vanilla Latte. It’s more spacious than your average Starbucks cafe. The coffee was served to our table on one of the brewing stations in a brown ceramic mug instead of a paper cup on a wooden tray along with a piece of chocolate. Such a chill and spacious ambiance perfect for people who want a twist of retro and contemporary cafe vibe.  And because the area has ample space, your voice doesn’t carry and you can speak in your corner without having to worry about people eavesdropping, well I guess if you’re a loudspeaker then this doesn’t apply to you.  Kidding aside, I do think this branch is a breath of fresh air from the typical ones available elsewhere in Macao. 

Tips on getting to MGM Cotai:

  • Driving your own Car: On the right-hand side of City of Dreams, you should turn right again towards the MGM Cotai building, the sign’s color blue and says “P”. Aim to park near the Theatre’s elevator
  • Taking a cab: Simple say/show this “MGM Cotai / 美獅美高梅 ” to the cab driver
  • Taking the shuttle bus: Details on the complimentary MGM shuttle bus 

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