I got this black flat cap in a thrift store at Dongdaemun, Korea in 2011, but it hasn’t worn out up til now and if I remember correctly, it was also an inexpensive find.  I realize that there are still a number of thrift stores around Macao in spite of the growing branded stores opening in Major Hotel Malls like the Venetian and Galaxy. Back then, there was no such thing as returns or exchanges I realize.  You can, however, bargain or find a lot of cheap finds back then and that’s basically the tradeoff you get. A few of such stores still exist in the Red Market and San Ma Lou Market in Macao. I heard they are still pretty popular, especially stores that carry Korean styles.

My boyfriend loves to make me laugh when we take blog photos as you can see, I am smiling in some and most of my entries do carry a lot of grins here and there.

One thing I want to emphasize is that I survived the cool weather this day thanks to my thermal underwear, I got mine in an “S” size and the color black. For me, you should pair them according to colors, white for lighter colors like pink or light brown and then black for darker colors like navy or mustard. The reason is it amplifies your sweater color, particularly for white sweaters. As you may have noticed, I was able to play with my photo gallery for this entry. What do you guys think? Comment below!




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