It was my first time joining an H&M preview. This one was held to showcase “STUDIO SS18 Collection”. Adding another thing for me to share and write about. It was a day trip to Hong Kong to check out and even try on some of the clothes and then head back to attend my evening classes.  The key is to prioritize as I always tell myself.

The initial line introduced was a Japanese and minimalist inspired collection. Mostly monochromatic with a couple of patterned one-piece maxi dresses.This immediately caught my attention as that’s what occupies my wardrobe. I live for basics!The CNY line as expected carried bold and eye-catching colors including red, black, and navy. Moreover, there were antique botanical prints included in this line allowing anyone who wore them too look sophisticated and sassy. I appreciated the floral patterns for the Spring collection and that’s obviously fitting and gives you a crisp and refined look.

As you can see from photos below, there was makeup showcased including blush and eyeshadow. The nail polish bottle cap was changed from white to black to differentiate and emphasize the new additions. We also got a taste of Japan as there were cocktails served.The highlight of our visit was the claw machine which contained H&M makeup and nail polish. You basically insert a coin that they provided and take turns moving the claw to catch a prize. We did get a little help to put the odds in our favor, hence we all got a prize.

I just love that I got to enjoy this with my boyfriend, Joseff and other local bloggers; Carla, Che, and Danella. Our group photo’s courtesy of Carla who shared it with me. so you might also see it in her feed too.

Though it’s getting warmer in Macao,  I still have layers to share. This week is a breather from coursework and I’m going to spend it in a warmer country, hence my Instagram feed would probably post styles for conflicting weather.

Stay tuned.


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