We’ve traveled all the way to Tamil to experience a traditional Tamil-Christian wedding of one my best friends, Roseline Samy. It was a wonderful and enlightening experience learning about another culture and engaging in traditional activities, the event was mainly conducted in Tamil with a few announcements in English since it concerned us going on stage to take photos or be with the bride. The first part of the wedding was held in a church and we wore bridesmaids dresses.

Update: After the church wedding, we went to Praveen’s sister house and then his own for traditional blessings. We partook in this activity with the locals who tried their best to communicate with us using body language from time to time. The latter part was when we wore a “sari”. Since it was our first time, we got help from Rose’s relatives who are also our newfound friends. I can’t imagine having the patience to wear it as casual wear, however, I must say that the sari is such an exquisite kind of clothing.

There’s that sense of fulfillment you achieve when you witness your childhood friend walk the aisle and I’m honored to have been able to join her wonderful day. It was truly an amazing day. The rural atmosphere was a breather from our normal everyday routine in Macau. Sharing a few of the photos we managed to snap our own camera. I’ll be dropping another post about our overall experience and outtakes since we still have one more day to go and am already psyched with what’s in store for us.I’ll definitely write more soon.


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