The trend we’ve noticed this winter is round hats and knee-high boots. The ladder included is just for props. We “borrowed” this momentarily from the maintenance happening at the location we were at. I swear it only took us 5 minutes and the workers didn’t even notice it was moved 10 meters away from them. As my category suggests, this is a style collab with Joseff. I absolutely adore this part of my relationship. I think this should also be encouraged, having your SO dress you sometimes is actually another way you can bond, you go beyond gender stereotypes because let’s face it both men and women can have a style radar.

On another note, the new year is the perfect time for you to do a purge of all things unhealthy. Particularly habits and friendships that are toxic.  Your habits should be built according to your goals. For example, if you wish to have better-sleeping patterns, then stay away from caffeine after 6 pm based on my personal experience and this allows you 6 hours of buffer time before you have to be resting again. As for friendships,  I say you stick with people who you don’t need to talk to every single, no to high maintenance and yes to genuine relationships!! When in doubt, ask yourself if you’d willingly sacrifice sleep for that person if your answer is “yes”, I say you should keep him/her in your life. And for the life in me, absolutely no snakes, please. No one needs a faux friendship. It’s such a waste of effort to exert.


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