The past weeks have been a mountain of tasks I had to finish before the year ends, however, one thing I’ve been quite elated about is that this blog, all things passion got featured on Hoje Macau, a Portuguese daily newspaper. You can read the details on their official site.  Thanks to my mom, I also have print versions on hand.

Prior to the publication, I had a brief discussion with the article’s author, Joao and noted that this blog included a majority of fashion and lifestyle posts, which I don’t plan on deviating from. However, I do want to give emphasis to other things when the opportunity permits such as local debating activities and good reads. I appreciated how the article captured the core of this blog which for me is I know isn’t straightforward and easy to grasp given how I have a personal take on everything posted.

On fashion related note, it took me awhile to find this oversized white sweater last year. Because of that, I made this purchase 2 months ago, even before I can actually make good use of it. I thought that if I didn’t I might not be able to find it again later on. Turns out, it’s more available in stores here. I absolutely love how cozy it feels! At first, I didn’t give it much thought so I simply paired it with black jeggings focusing on my overall style i.e.  minimalistic. I have 4 nights of sleep before I can start opening gifts!!

Happy Holidays!


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