I got into a conversation that prompted me to write more about debating and how it played a significant role in my university life. I applied to join UM EDT when I was a freshie. A random decision I made as I was passing by the recruitment booth on the way to my other class that day. Next thing I know I was in UM’s English Debating Team up until I graduated. From leading the team as captain to representing Macao on Nationals. It was overall a life-changing experience.

It taught me to listen and actively engage in discussions. It can be in the work setting where there is a meeting about organization workflows or an out of town trip amongst friends. If people are not aware of your concern(s), then the same group of people won’t be able to take this into account when decisions are being made. Keeping quiet shouldn’t be your go-to stance, even if it means you’re the first to raise one, you encourage other people in the room to do the same.

It also encouraged me to see the other side. When you are in the midst of strong emotions, more often than not, you will be stubborn, but in the debating sphere, considering the other side of the story is crucial in determining whether or not you win. A comparative analysis of what you said versus what they said is the basis for deliberation.

Moreover, it trained me to believe in teamwork especially since in a BP debate, you only have 15 minutes to prep for your case with your partner and it can be a topic to address issues regarding cryptocurrencies, NGOs, or The Paris Agreement. Like how knowledgeable must one be, right? Because in the real world, you cannot do everything alone, you are better off learning from people you work with now and in the future.

Not to forget about international tourneys that clashed with Midterms or presentations, they taught me an essential lesson about time management and multitasking. Aside from the perks of traveling, I also connected with people from different parts of the world and learned about their culture in between which allowed me to be naturally more open-minded and think beyond my current status quo.

The takeaway from my debating experience is simple; it made me a well-balanced person.

After graduating, I still joined debate activities whenever my schedule or energy permitted. Midway this year, I participated as an adjudicator in a local debating hosted by my alma mater. You can find the motions set by the adjudication core in this post. As for the full tab, you can find it here. 


  • This House Believes That Ireland should call for an abortion referendum that allows only women to vote
  • This House Believes That liberal democracies should abandon the use of referenda as a mechanism for significant social change
  • This House Believes That gay marriage proponents should prioritize legal battles over the mobilization of popular support for a referendum


  • As the Dalai Lama, This House Would reincarnate outside of Tibet and China
  • This House Would rescind all blasphemy laws
  • This House Would give parents the right to withdraw their children from science or religious studies classes to which they object

Round 5

  • This House celebrates the revival of the Sunshine Policy by South Korea’s Moon Jae-In Administration
  • This House Believes That China should remove all economic retaliatory measures against South Korea
  • This House Believes That the Belt & Road economic policy by China will do more harm than good

Round 4

  • Assuming other methods are ineffective or unavailable, This House Would actively commit electoral fraud to prevent extremist political parties from achieving a parliamentary majority
  • This House Would deny passports for convicted pedophiles
  • This House Would make retirement compulsory when a person reaches the age of 70

Round 3

  • This House Would impose criminal liability on traditional doctors who discourage their patients from using Western medicines
  • This House Would force all parents to vaccinate their children
  • This House Would prioritize palliative care over curative care for patients suffering from painful illnesses with a very low chance of recovery

Round 2

  • This House Regrets Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement
  • As the Republican Party, This House Would actively seek to impeach Donald Trump
  • This House Believes That European nations should actively distance themselves from the Trump Administration

Round 1

  • This House Believes That all professional football leagues should implement a draft system
  • This House Would ban corporate endorsement of sports teams and athletes
  • This House Would allow female athletes to professionally compete against men

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