According to  Vogue, a trend in season is the Pastel palette. Though, it doesn’t feel very summerish because rather than vibrant, it’s actually dull. My heels are obviously an eye popping color to balance the pastel ensemble I am wearing. As for trends, this was a mere coincidence since I’ve only recently started to keep track of what’s in and out in the Fashion world. Are you open to embracing trends or do you set trends? You can comment below to let me know your thoughts!

This week, I’ve decided to have back-to-back posts since I’m going on a trip this weekend and more likely than not, this will also give me limited access to a workable platform to blog. I’m still deciding between Apple’s Macbook and Microsoft’s Surface Pro, I’m for durability more than style and both seem to meet these criteria making it more difficult to decide upon. You can comment below to let me know your thoughts.



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