Calçada da Rocha N1| 澳門史山斜巷 | Edifício Wa Kuong, 1-1C, R/C Macau

SNACKS: chrysanthemum TEA & Ovos Moles de Aveiro (PORTUGUESE EGG YOLK CONFECTION)

Photography by: JOSEFF MUSA

Getting there: Aim to get to Senado Square , from there walk towards the St. Dominic Church , there’s a small circle in front of the church, you’ll have to walk towards the right side (facing the church) and you can find shops to know you’re going in the correct direction such as, “Pandora” and “City Chain”, in the left lane, at the end there is a turning point, there you should turn left and walk towards “Lush” or “The Body Shop” , there you have to walk towards the right side of the shop on an upward slope where you can find this cafe.

I must admit, I’m not the best with directions, so if you do end up getting to the place,  all credits go to you. Cafes are always a good go-to place to chill in the afternoon. If you want to take a break from Starbucks, you can check this café out in San Ma Lou. We had the place all to ourselves when we visited , the whole cafe can only seat a small number of people in general, moreover, this is what the owner preferred , ample space for people who’d like to drink tea and enjoy authentic Portuguese snacks  but not crowded. The ambience is serene and you can enjoy a selection of hot tea and snacks. They also serve espresso, if you still insist on a coffee fix. Another thing to note is that they sell the tea and snacks for you to enjoy in your home or as souvenirs for friends and family visiting Macao.


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