There are days when I wake up tired and I still push myself to stand and shower and go on. I also remind myself after that I didn’t wake up to be mediocre. So far, it’s been working, especially since the struggle to stay motivated is real. The significance of sleep has been neglected by many generations, but the older I get, it’s one thing I cannot ignore any longer. I’ve also come to realize that many benefits of being well rested , such as how it keeps me sharp and efficient, lacking sleep gives me moods I would rather not disclose publicly. <Laughing at my own comment , deep inside>

My style is becoming more vibrant as I noticed how I’ve taken a liking to the all things white. As a minimalist, I’ve been trying to restyle what I already have on my closet to avoid hoarding, well let’s not forget my limitation of storage space. Tucked in my shirt since it’s long enough to cover my shorts and this lengthens my torso. Tall people have it easy, but for people like me, it’s strongly advised, I tell you!

I also like kitten heels because it’s easy to walk in and I can last one full day in them. This pair was an acquired taste as the net threw me off at first. After I tried them however, I liked how it fit me and the stylish vibe that comes with it.


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