Cafe Ocean Corner | Avenida dos Jardins do Oceano | No.181 A-255, R/C, F, Jardins Do Oceano, Macau, China 
FOOD:  Prego (Steak Bun) / Asas de Galinha (Fried Chicken Wings)/ custard donut

Looked for a new cafe to go to that wasn’t in a hotel or where we typical went to.  Found this in Ocean Garden area in Taipa side, since it was the middle of the afternoon, we didn’t go for anything heavy. The prego’s definitely a must try, it was served with fries, mustard, and ketchup on the side. It went perfect with the wings. The donut was also a suitable dessert to our snack , as it rinsed off the pork taste well.

This cafe’s a new find that’s walking distance if you’re already in Taipa side, but with the current rise in temperatures, I suggest you catch a ride instead. Here’s a list of public vehicles you can choose from. And if you can’t understand the routes just now, you can also ride bus number 34 in Taipa side, this bus’ terminal stop M4 is close by, if you’re coming from Macau side, take 11 at Grand Lisboa , the route should be going to Taipa and go down in the 3rd stop after you cross the bridge ,T338.  For people who are driving, street parking is available too.


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