And with summer’s scorching heat, we’re all advised to wear loose clothing. I stick to the color white when my plans for the day permits because I have a high tendency of getting a stain on me. For bottoms, I don’t mind wearing jeans just as long as they’re not skin tight. You can try and get one size bigger than your normal jeans. For example, if you’re EU 32 , you can try EU 34. A common misconception is that all jeans need to be skin tight since they become loose overtime. For me, it depends on the material quality and how you care for them. Washing them too often can also damage them.

I’m quite happy that I no longer feel camera shy when I take blog photos. I can stare at my boyfriend’s lense with a new found confidence that I slowly gained over the past year of taking shots. We’re planning on doing more food trips this summer as more and more restaurants open in the Cotai strip and downtown San Ma Lou. Hopefully, my energy levels will cooperate and let me blog in peace.



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