It’s not everyday that you get to spend time in a peaceful neighborhood when you’re in Macau ;where almost all places are packed with locals , tourists or both.

You can read a book , take a walk ,and even take scenic photos in the area next to Sai Van Lake. I don’t think this place has raised the attention it deserves but that’s also what I like about the area.

Here’s a tip on how you can get here from a landmark, get to the Macao tower and from there you can walk towards the city. It should be pretty obvious that you should be walking away from the bridge towards the governor’s palace or vice versa, you can get to the Governor’s palace and then walk towards Macao tower. (This seems like an easier option.)

There are pink houses in the left that reminds me of the houses in Old Taipa Town, a tourist packed area and one I avoid when possible. Now, you might have noticed the short scarf I’ve worn here, this scarf added more style to my OOTD without the icky feeling you get when you wear a long scarf. The benefits of a short scarf includes the easy removal option you have , because you have to feel good to look good.


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