TOP: Mr Robot t shirt PANTS: ZARA  SHOES: Milano


Statement shirts are in.

I love this shirt because it sends a message, I know it seems like I’m kidding, but I’m not.
We’ve all learnt about this in school , the term , “group think” and how a “devil’s advocate” can also be considered a good thing at times. I’m learning day by day that conforming to the dominant narrative existing in society can be a danger for progress especially with social issues. And that is also why I believe deviating should be an option we can all freely choose. Another example is standing up for the minorities, who are usually the ones who deviate in society. I’ll be quoting someone else for this.

 “Use your advantage to advocate for those who don’t enjoy the same privileges as you. That’s the least you can do. Help them be heard”

Write more soon.



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