Sunglasses: Komono Overalls: Stradivarius Top: Bershka 

Shoes: Adidas  PhotoS: Joseff Musa EDITS: REBECA PANGAN

Tamsui Lover’s Bridge is the last place we visited in Taiwan and to get there you need to first take a train to Tamsui District , and then walk to Dan Shui Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf to ride a ferry. If you research about this bridge, you’ll also find out how it looks better at night, but since we had a flight to catch the next morning, we figured , the afternoon trip had to do. There were also numerous street food options on the walk to the ferry which you’d ought to give a try. Overalls are perfect for traveling and one thing I take into account when I pack is being able to wear a piece of clothing in more ways than one plus, it helps with the luggage limitations.

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