Beanie:H&M Shades: H&M Bag: Kate Spade Knitted Cardigan: Bershka

Sweater: H&M Pants: Bershka Shoes: Charles & Keith Photography By: Joseff Musa

Hi there!

With April approaching, it’s time to bid farewell to winter and to welcome spring! But before that, here’s one more winter look.That day, the weather was freezing and all I wanted to do was stay under my covers but I guess even the cold won’t deter me from going out on the weekend,most especially when I love to maximize what I can do in a day. Also, the place I got these photos taken got me reminiscing on the good old days. as I used to pass by here everyday to go to my school. Walking to places back then felt like a piece of cake but now, it’s like as if my laziness dominates and I keep that at minimum.

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