Organized By:

University of Macau’s English Debating Society

Adj Core Members: 

Ms Sharmila Parmanand — The Philippines
Mr “TJ” Thepparith Senamengern — Thailand
Mr Samuel Chan — Hong Kong
Ms Chanel Chan — Mainland China
Mr Loke Wing Fatt — Singapore

Tab Director: 

Mr Vincent Li — Mainland China

Motion List:  
Round 1 :Education

THBT academic institutions should deny racist ,sexist or fascist individuals a platform for speech.

THBT Macau should make English the primary language if instruction for all students.

THW stream academically under-performing children into vocational schools.

Round 2 : Imagine

TH prefers a world that is organised with cities and villages as governing and sovereign units instead of nation states.

TH supports testing human augmentation technologies on animals with the intention of significantly enhancing their cognitive capacities.

THW make ratification of peace arguments conditional on approval by a popular vote of women affected by the conflict.

Round 3:Economics

THW allow individuals to legally occupy any building that has been unused for more than one year.

THBT developing countries should cap the amount of money that their citizens can invest/transfer/move overseas.

THBT income tax levels should be determined by the relative privilege of an individual’s upbringing.

Round 4: International Relations

THBT International Criminal Court should never prosecute heads of state that are currently in power.

THBT the European Union should require its member states to adopt socially progressive legislation (abortion, same-sex unions, etc.)

THW try the alleged abuses of foreign troops in local courts.

Round 5: Minorities

THBT it is legitimate for members of minority groups to discriminate against people outside their groups.

THBT the West should not portray “The Great Explorers” (e.g. Christopher Columbos, Vasco da Gama) as heroes.

THBT state should not promote the idea that two-parent families are superior to single-parent households.

Quarter-Finals: Justice System

THBT a criminal’s social contribution should be a mitigating factor in their sentencing.

TH , as the police force would accept applicants with a criminal record.

THBT individuals should be allowed to sell their right to sue to a third party.

Semi-Finals : Democracy

THW allow citizens of EU member states to petition for an EU-wide referendum on specific issues, the results of which are binding on all EU members.

THBT democracies should waive all citizenship requirements for elected office.

THBT the Republican National Committee should field an alternative candidate regardless of Donald Trump’s presumptive nominee status.

Grand Final : Poverty

THW aggressively proselytize to the poor.

THBT we should grant parenting licenses to biological parents based on the same criteria used for adoptive parents.

THBT progressive individuals should work for corrupted governments or leaders with the intention of forwarding social welfare.




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