Where rainbows end.jpgAlso known as “Love, Rosie”

By Cecelia Ahern

4/5 Goodreads 

4.4/5 Waterstones 


This has become one of my favorite books this year. I hope you’re encouraged to read it too!

Book Summary: 

Part 1

Alex and Rosie are childhood best friends and they have a knack for getting into trouble together. Alex , despite being told not to do so , brings his dog to Rosie’s 7th birthday thus ruining the carpet at her house and on Rosie’s 16th birthday , they both skip school to celebrate and Rosie ends up in the hospital having her stomach pumped.

Substantial changes happen when Alex’s dad is offered a job in Boston which he accepts leaving Rosie behind in Dublin.Rosie goes on to apply and gets accepted in Boston College before their high school debs. They both agree to go to debs together however Alex doesn’t make it in time due to flight complications. Rosie ends up going with Brian.In the most unlikely event, she ends up pregnant and retracts her acceptance letter from Boston College.

Soon enough her baby girl , Katie is three years old and Alex the Godfather. Alex gets engaged to Sally, a peer he meets at Harvard. Alex goes out of the social norms and asks Rosie to be her best woman. Rosie accepts and Alex is wed to Sally.

After Alex’s honeymoon, Katie spills the beans on Rosie’s new boyfriend , Greg. With her love life taken care of, Rosie focuses on her career and with a little motivation from Alex, Rosie lands a job working for Two Lakes Hotel. 

Part 2

After Rosie and Katie moves in with Greg , he proposes. Rosie gets engaged to Greg and  in turn ,she asks him to be her best man. Married life does not treat both Alex and Rosie well. Alex splits up with Sally and Rosie gets cheated on by Greg leaving Rosie broken. Alex takes this opportunity to express his long over due feelings in a form of a letter that he leaves but unfortunately gets discovered by Greg, Rosie’s cheating husband. Alex gives up when Rosie assures him that she wouldn’t have given her marriage with Greg another chance if she no longer saw a future.

Rosie and Greg tries marriage counselling straining any motivation Rosie had left in her. Maximizing her focus on her job, she is awarded a promotion as a ‘Hotel Host’ in a new resort that requires relocation Katie does not take the news all too well and runs away with her best friend, Toby.

Part 3

Rosie locates Katie and Toby at the airport waiting in line to check in. They had originally planned to hop on a plane to go to Alex in Boston. In an effort to please her husband and daughter, Rosie reluctantly gives up her promotion.

Unfortunately for Rosie, Greg is still cheating on her, Alex books tickets for Rosie and Katie to go to him in Boston, however plans change when Brian, Katie’s birth father contacts Rosie in an attempt to know his daughter.

Rosie finds out about Alex dating Bethany again when she messages Alex about her life and new job only to find out that the person on the other end was Bethany who she passionately hates.

Alex gets Bethany pregnant and hastily gets engaged to, going against Rosie’s wishes for her best friend.

Part 4

Alex weds Bethany , without Rosie and Katie in attendance. Rosie goes to college and Katie spends her sweet sixteen getting a tattoo and a tongue piercing. During her exam period, Rosie is notified of her dad going into surgery,  Alex advises Rosie to be there for her family.

Rosie’s dad dies in his sleep and a burial is held. Encouraged by her dad’s last message , Rosie remains determined to finish college. She graduates and starts her internship as an assistant manager at Grand Tower Hotel. The hotel is closed down due to safety reasons.

She also encounters the letter Alex wrote to her 10 years ago but does nothing about.

In a turn of events, Rosie’s mom passes away and leaves her the Connermara house, Rosie fulfills her dreams further and turns the house into a B&B. Alex separates from Bethany upon their son , Theo going to college.

Part 5 

Katie tells her mom, Rosie, about a special silence she felt with her childhood best friend, Toby. And unlike Rosie, Katie and Toby takes the leap from being best friends to something more. She also shares this with Alex giving him the nudge he always needed as he finds out that Rosie felt the very same silence. Alex finally professes his feelings to Rosie and this time Rosie replies and they’re finally together.




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