The Time of My Life.jpg

By Cecilia Ahern

3.8/5 Goodreads

5/5 Waterstones 

This was a book I initially had difficulty reading, for me, the story gets interesting only after the first few chapters when Cosmo, Lucy’s life is in the picture; his character notably has a great sense of humor.

Book Summary:

Lucy Silchester has failed to make it to her first two appointments with life and can’t be bothered rearranging the said appointments. After downing half a bottle of wine, she finally garners enough care to reschedule her appointment on the same day she’s supposedly having a family gathering. There and to her surprise,  she finds out that her own family was in on it.

In spite of this, she hastily leaves and makes it in time for her appointment. Upon meeting with her life , Lucy finds out that his well being apparently depended on her happiness, hence as she was in the state of being miserable, her life looked equally horrible. 

Her life names himself ‘Cosmo Brown’. He begins to actively participate in her daily life with a premise that for every lie that Lucy tells, he reveals a truth.Things go well as Lucy starts to give a damn about her life well, at least enough to hire a carpet cleaner who she eventually realizes was her dialed wrong number with whom she gains an instant connection with, Don Lockwood.

This connection is put on a halt as she raises efforts to rekindle her romance with Blake , her former boyfriend. She later realizes how self absorbed Blake is and why things can’t go back to how they used to be. She leaves him and goes back home.

On Lucy’s 30th birthday, her family and friends present , she reveals the underlying reason behind the turn of events that left her single, unemployed and prohibited from driving i.e. Blake leaving her.

With that, Cosmo’s job is accomplished as she continues to move forward and no longer feels the need to stir away from the truth and/or distort it. 

Book Excerpt: 

He sighed , then continued ,’Imagine you had a friend who was there for you all the time and you were there for them, but they stopped being there for you as much as they used to which you can understand a little because people have things to do, but then they’re around less and less no matter how much you you try to reach out to them. Then suddenly one day -nothing- they’re gone. Just like that. Then you write to them, and you’re ignored and finally you write to them again for a third time and they barely even want to make the appointment, they’re so busy with their jobs, their friends and their cat. How would you feel? ‘

‘Look , I assume you’re referring to me in that little hypothesis, but it’s ridiculous.’ I laughed. ‘Clearly , it’s not the same thing. I would never treat a friend that way.’

He gave me a wry smile. ‘But you would do that to your life.’




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