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By Keira Cass



4.6/5·Barnes & Noble

Ever read about a caste system & rebels combined with a fairy tale buildup? If you’re baffled with how this is a page turner, continue reading.

Book Summary:

America Singer comes from a Five. One being the highest and Eight the lowest caste in Illéa. The people of Illéa are governed by a kingdom and the only heir to this throne is Prince Maxon Schreave. As tradition has set out for him, he will marry a person chosen from “35 eligible women across all 8 castes” otherwise known as “The Selection”.

A reluctant America submits her letter in hopes of being rejected from the get-go to simply fulfill her mother’s wishes as she is very much in love with Aspen Leger who comes from a Six, a caste below her own but this mattered little to America and more to Aspen who supported America when she is among the 35 chosen to join the selection requesting that she’d at least try it for him.

Upon America’s arrival in the castle, every waking moment is dreadful and she immediately made Maxon  well aware of her intentions and offered him friendship instead.

More to this,as America remains in the selection ,she learns to react or I should say live with public scrutiny, pressure and becomes conflicted when her friendship with Maxon becomes more than what she originally planned it to be. And to make matters more interesting, Aspen, her former boyfriend becomes a member of the guard assigned in the castle.

With the rebels who aim to overthrow the monarchy become more active in infiltrating the castle walls , staying becomes one of the safest yet hostile choice for all 35 women. With no timeline to follow, Maxon decides to cut his decision time short and appoints the Elite decreasing the original required number of ten women to only six. Book one ends with America along with five other women becoming the Elite.




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