Japan ft. Tokyo

Talking about our experiences in Tokyo and pre-preparation tips (in a way) that we found useful and will definitely be using on our next trip to Japan.

80’s Denim

First thing’s first, I know I haven’t been routinely blogging in the past few weeks. It’s not that I don’t have time but rather, I am trying to write about things that contribute like DIYs or book reviews and avoid blogging for the sake of it. I started this blog with passion and would like to continue on that path.

Page Turners – July 2018

I blog about Fashion but I don’t buy a lot of magazines on this subject. Instead, I check out books from Fashion Icons such as Lauren Conrad,  Liz Uy, Christian Dior, and Nina Garcia.  I’ve already written about “The One Hundred” by Nina Garcia before but I’ve retracted that post cause I think it didn’t get the review it deserves.

Wardrobe Extension

Happy Humpday! Hope the long weekend has pumped you up for a shorter work week! The heat makes me value, or I should really say appreciate lightweight clothing. Since I rarely find tops that are loose enough like this.

Page turners – June 2018

At the beginning of 2018, I told myself to quit purchasing books unless I’ve read everything on my shelf.

Staple – LBD

I have been caught up with work and school deadlines in the past month so my original routine plan to blog on Mondays or Fridays have been on hold, but I’m going to make it a habit to blog in advance. If you have tips on how not to break a blog routine, please feel free to comment down below. Having said that, I have back-to-back posts to make up for it. 

What complements you

This was me circa 2015 –no wearing heels with jeans and no sneakers for dresses or skirts.

Baby got pink

Too layered for a concert? We watched Imagine Dragons live in HK and this was as warm as I could dress since the temp dropped that day was making us sick already.

Press for progress.

Happy International Women’s Day! The theme this year is to press for progress. As the saying go, you should practice what you preach.

4th UM EDT Novice Debating Championship

Over the weekend I was able to join a novice tournament held by UM EDT/UM EDS. Here are the full motion list and results. Strictly joining are debate newbies with the exception of the swing team, if any.